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        Products & Services

        Ethylene is produced by steam cracking Naphtha and other hydrocarbon streams. Ethylene (C2) is a colourless gas with a slightly sweet smell. SECCO uses ethylene to make polyethylene, styrene and polystyrene, which in turn are used to manufacture a wide variety of products from food packaging to toys. It is of fundamental importance to the plastics industry and is the basic building block of organic chemistry. 

        Propylene (C3) is a colourless gas. It is highly flammable and can be used as a substitute for LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). It is easier to transport propylene than ethylene as it can be liquefied at much lower pressures and is conveyed in its liquid form. SECCO uses propylene to make polypropylene, a plastic used in cars and toys, and acrylonitrile, a chemical used to make acrylic fibres. 

        Butadiene (CH2=CH-CH=CH2) is a colourless gas with a slight sweet and fragrant odorodour at room temperature; is soluble in organic solvents, insoluble in water; is inflammable and its explosion limits ranges between 2% and 11.5%. As one of key petro-chemicals, it is mainly used for manufacture of various synthetic rubbers (SBR, NBR, PBR), also for process of synthetic resin, fibres and fine chemicals, such as ABS, BS & SBS etc. 

        Toluene is a colourless liquid with a sweet, pungent, benzene-like odorodour; is flammable and produces poisonous gas in a fire; containers of it may explode in fire. It is slightly soluble, and incompatible with strong oxidizers. As one of key basic chemical materials, it is widely used in the manufacture of other chemicals and as an ingredient in fuel, paint, glues and adhesives.

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