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        Products & Services

        PS can be divided into two categories: general-purpose polystyrene and high impact polystyrene. GPPS, taking on a transparent and crystal form, has many grades with the difference of molecular weight. HIPS contains 5% elastomer for the purpose of enhancing impact intensity. PS is primarily applied to electric appliance, automobile, film and packaging, architecture material, toy, household items and etc.

        SECCO PS unit adopts BP/ABB's proprietary PS technology, producing different grades of HIPS and GPPS with mass polymerization process. 10 grades of product are guaranteed, including GPPS-116\123\232\251; HIPS424\514\532\622\641\632E;Meanwhile 5 additional grades are available, including GPPS-153D\321\350; HIPS-416\433. Overall production capacity is 300ktpa,the biggest in the country, and the product quality meets ISO-series standards. 

        "賽科"andare registered trademarks owned by Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (SECCO) for
        Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP) and Polystyrene (PS).
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